5 Foods to Stay Away from When Dieting for Weight Loss

Foods to Stay Away from When Dieting

When you go, ask an expert about the foods to stay away from when dieting, chances are you will get a weird reply. Yes, every expert has his suggestions, which he will try to impose on you, despite if these fit your lifestyle, or not. So, the question is, should you trust these people with your health? The answer to that will be yes; they know better than you do, so, in the end, you will just have to compromise.

However, it is fine if you indulge from time to time, but it will binge you to eat and disturb your weight loss routine. Some foods deserve the ax, so you shouldn’t be stubborn because it’s for your good. So without further due, following we are going to give you a list of foods you should avoid. Catching up, we are also clearing a few myths about some foods, which are mistaken to be bad for diet but can help you.

1. Snacks with Carbs

The first foods to stay away from when dieting are snacks that contain carbs. When you are eating crackers, dry cereal, bread or rice cakes, your body will be converting carbs to sugar and send it to the blood stream. In retaliation to this sugar rush, the body will produce extra insulin, which will help the body to absorb the sugar instantly. The problem, you will experience low blood sugar and same hunger pangs which force you to carb up.

In such case, you may want to eat sugar foods that have no nutritional value, but it will entertain your need for instant energy. Whenever you desire to eat the snacks, while buying the packet, you should read first the nutritional or ingredients lists to better know about the carbs, calories and other fats that can increase your weight.

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2. Alcoholic Beverages

No expert in the world will suggest alcohol for weight loss which is why it’s on the five foods not to eat list. Alcohol is one of the main things to stay away from when dieting because it never helps to lose weight.

It has empty calories, which never fill you up or provide you anything close to nutritional value. It also softens your resolve, which means you will overeat, not to mention it impairs your judgment. When there alcohol present in the body. It’s a toxin which you need to get rid of it. When the liver is in detox mode, it doesn’t burn fat efficiently. To sum up, it’s a buzz kill. So skip the buzz if you want to lose some weight.

3. Low Fat Foods

According to research, people who try to eat more when they realize they consume low-fat food. Apart from overeating, doing so can ruin your weight loss strategy hence they should be some of the foods to stay away from when dieting. Besides, when you lose fat, you sacrifice some taste too. To make up for the lost, they add sugar, which makes the product even worse. People eat much while considering that their food is very low in fats, but in contrast, they put some fatty things in their diet foods, and late they think that such adding cannot increase their weight, neither can they decrease their weight.

So this is a false perception. There are many substitutes for fatty foods. For example, if you want to eat some proteins then you don’t want to cook your steak for taking them. Just boil the piece of meat and add it to your fiber diet so you could make a balance. The uncooked fats can help you better balance all needs and requirements of your body.

4. Artificially Sweetened Drinks

Soda should be on this list of foods to avoid while losing weight. Also, bid farewell to every other sweet tasting drink, which says it has zero calories. If drinking soda increases your appetite, then you are better off with a natural diet. It can be calorie free but it’s carbonated, so it should be one of the foods to stay away from when dieting.

Artificially sweetened drinks are the main causes of increasing obesity in women. As a substitute, people use the diet drinks, but mostly such drinks also contain a small part of sugar, so it’s better not to take even the diet drinks if you intend to vanish carbs from your diet regimen. Energy drinks can also increase the risk of obesity and diabetics. However, the recent research in US Journal of clinical nutrition has shown that about 66000 women who take energy drinks have a severe risk of T2D.

So this is recommended that whenever you carve drinks just use ordinary mineral water for your snacking. It is also advisable that you need to take about 8-10 glasses of water every day to steer clear yourself from energy drinks, and other intakes contain fatty sugars. Stay hydrated with water and keep your stomach full with water that can prevent you from taking caloric foods.

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5. Cheeses

A list of five foods to never eat can’t be complete without including cheese. It is because cheese is very high in saturated fat. Therefore, it is important for you to choose low-fat or fat-free to avoid the unhealthy fat.

Cheese is also high in sodium but does this make it right to ask, is cheese bad for a diet? The answer to this question is you had better check the label when you are buying them. The sodium range can vary as little as 16 milligrams per serving to 500 milligrams. As a dairy product, it contains vitamin A and B12. Both of these helps for making red blood cells. These also contribute to maintaining healthy nerves. All of these qualities make cheese an ideal choice for low carbohydrate diet.

To Wrap up Everything

The listed five foods to stay away from when dieting can help you achieve your standard weight you were dreaming off. Getting rid of these foods can’t help you reduce your weight in few days, but they may create some possible differences, and for sure you will see that how much you will be comfortable without using these things. Light foods can feel you light in the whole day and keep your mind and body active.